Month: June 2021

Palm Tree Removal

tree removal technique Shows the piece by piece removal of a 65 foot high Mexican Palm tree from a back yard lined with glass windscreens and fragile aluminum patio cover. All done … source

Tree Pruning Tools

tree pruning tools Ken talks about the different tools used to care for fruit trees in particular, but they can be used to shape and care for any tree. Ken’s plant care journey began … source

Backyard Privacy Ideas

tree planting ideas for backyard privacyplantsforbackyard #backyardprivacyideas #backyardprivacyscreen Backyard Privacy Ideas Since more and more people will stay home longer either … source

stump grinding cost

stump grinding cost

stump removal cost Though you can easily chop down the tree with a chainsaw, you may lack the data on how to do it properly. Cutting down a tree and removing the stump require … source

Foundation Plants

best shrubs for front of house Foundation plants are the bones of the garden. They provide the structure and backdrop for your design. Plant expert Nicholas Staddon shows some new … source

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